A working model of the Panama Canal from Lego was created

Panama Canal from Lego

The Panama Canal, built more than 100 years ago, is rightfully considered one of the technical wonders of the world. To visually see how it functions, now it will be enough to purchase a unique Lego kit, representing the working model of the Panama Canal.

The idea of ​​creating a set of 1,184 bricks belongs to Laurent Degrasia, who is the distributor of Lego developing designers in Panama. She shared her idea with channel manager Jorge Kihano and found support from him.

Assembled kit is a detailed copy of the Panama Canal with three levels of locks to ensure the passage of ships in both directions. In addition to the kit, there is a detailed description.

Given the “Panamanian” legislative specifics, the set will be sold only in Panama. The first batch will be 40,000 sets at a price of $ 250. The “Panama Canal” from Lego will be publicly available later using the electronic trading platform eBay.

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