The surgeon practiced on a printed 3D-heart before a real operation

Mia Gonzalez and her 3D-heart

Five-year Mia Gonzalez from birth suffered a rare form of heart disease known as “double aortic arch”, which restricts the flow of air inhaled. To save her, she needed an urgent and complex operation, the outcome of which caused great concern.

Dr. Redmond Berg from Children’s Hospital, “Nicklaus” in Miami decided to minimize the risk, having a “dress rehearsal” operations on a replica of a small patient’s heart, which is printed the 3D-printer. He admitted frankly:

“Working with a 3D copy of the child’s heart is a completely different way of getting information from a cardiac surgeon. For greater persuasiveness, we must feel the thing in hand, then to show the child’s relatives how you will “repair” his heart. “

Before the heart was printed, his three-dimensional model was created with the help of a magnetic resonance tomograph, which took about 9 hours. Then the received data came to the computer and to the printer.

Operation was successfully completed. Now Mia Gonzalez, completing the postoperative course of recovery, on an equal basis with other children participates in sports events.

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