Self-destructing battery completely dissolved in water for 30 minutes

Self-destructive battery

Scientists at the University of Iowa have developed a lithium-ion battery that completely decomposes after use. The sample is designed to power the electronic device for 15 minutes. The used battery dissolves within 30 minutes after immersion in water.

The eight-layer miniature battery, including the anode, cathode and electrolyte, is completely dissolved after use due to the alcohol-containing polymer. Nanoparticles that are not able to decompose, dispersed with the environment and do not pose a threat.

Such power sources are planned to be built into implants, which are not recoverable from the patient’s body, after all, after the resource is developed, they will dissolve without harming the body. Also self-destructing batteries will be indispensable in various electronic devices with limited use time.

Utilization of used batteries and accumulators requires significant material costs, and the use of self-degrading batteries will reduce them. The given development will allow to find the compromise between time of work of a power source, its capacity and ecological safety.

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