Self-balancing GyroCycle – a motorcycle that never falls


One of the main conditions for riding a motorcycle is the need to constantly maintain a balance. Thrustcycle company presented a prototype of self-balancing motorcycle GyroCycle, which does not need such actions of the driver.

Like other similar bikes , the GyroCycle stays upright, thanks to the internal flywheels creating a gyroscopic effect when rotating. As a result, the device not only feels steadily during the movement on corners, but also when it stands still.

The company Thrustcycle has already distinguished itself by the development of prototypes of bikes with a closed cabin, where after a stop, it is not required to rest on legs. The same scheme was used when creating GyroCycle, which, as its creators hope, will find its buyer in the market.


According to the co-founder of the company Clyde Igarasi, the final version of GyroCycle will use a completely “adult” motor with oil cooling and a lithium battery system at 8500 watts produced by Zev. The motorcycle will be able to travel to a distance of about 130 km with a maximum speed of 121 km / h. GyroCycle should go on sale in 2017.

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