Russian sappers will be helped by a special exoskeleton

Sapper Exoskeleton

The work of a sapper is not only very dangerous, but also involves a lot of physical exertion. Often, mine clearance lasts many hours, while the deminer is dressed in special explosive equipment, the weight of which can reach more than 50 kg.

Exoskeleton for specialists in explosives – the latest development of the company “Special equipment and communications.” Now, putting it on himself, the engineer will be able to work for 12 hours. The design of the exoskeleton reproduces the structure of the human skeleton, only multiply amplified. The sapper in it can lift the weights, which would never have budged in the usual situation.

An important element of the exoskeleton is an emphasis-headrest. The developers explain that he will insure the head from the blast wave at the time of the sudden explosion of the ammunition, and the rigid dorsal framework will protect against spinal injury when falling. Cervical vertebrae and knee joints will also remain intact.

Representatives of the company assured that the exoskeleton is fully ready for use and will soon be available to explosion specialists.

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