Rosneft launches Arctic scientific base

Rosneft in the Arctic

For sure, in the majority view, oil production in the Arctic water area is associated primarily with huge floating platforms in the middle of the raging sea. Meanwhile, to pump oil is already the final stage. He is preceded by a huge work on the exploration of oil reserves, the study of the seabed, currents, ice conditions and weather conditions, which does not stop even after the installation and launch of the offshore platform.

All of this will now be handled by the newly established permanent scientific and support base owned by the Russian oil giant Rosneft. The place of her registration is the coast of the peninsula Khara-Tumus in the Laptev Sea.

Participants in the expeditions will take care of weather monitoring, exploration of the Earth’s magnetic field, ice conditions, hydrology of the region. The base is equipped with necessary modern equipment, transport and communication facilities.

The information obtained will help in the development of licensed areas of the Russian Arctic oil shelf.

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