PolyEyes 2.0 will allow you to see the world through the eyes of a chameleon

PolyEyes 2.0

Chameleons are amazing animals, which cause us genuine interest. They hunt with a long sticky tongue, which they literally “shoot”, glue and grab the victim. But, perhaps, the most amazing thing about chameleons is their unusual eyes, moving independently from each other, which provides them with a circular view.

The device PolyEyes 2.0 manufactured by Interactive Architecture Lab allows us to look at the world through the eyes of a chameleon. A wide headset resembles the head of a hammerhead hammer or sports car of the late 80’s. The device is equipped with two Raspberry Pi cameras, hidden under small transparent domes.

PolyEyes 2.0

Thanks to them, the user can see in the sector of 180 degrees. The picture itself will be displayed on the screen of the computer module Raspberry Pi, where the image in the center will be “broken”, similar to how one sees each eye separately.

PolyEyes 2.0 – a fragment of the conceptual costume, which also includes an exoskeleton and limbs. As its creators say, for the Interactive Architecture Lab, it is “part of the ongoing process of modernizing the human being”.

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