Pilots with jet packs joined the pilot group of the French Air Force

Team in flight

A year ago in October 2015, in the Dubai sky, “people-planes” Yves Rossi and Vincent Reffet made a joint flight with the passenger Airbus 380 of the Emirates airline. And here is a new and equally exciting show, already on the French Riviera of France as part of the famous aerobatic team Patrouile de France.

The local pilot Fred Fugan joined Ross Yves and Vincent Reffet. Recall that they fly with a jet system, which is attached directly to a person, turning it into a few minutes into an airplane.

Team in flight

The courageous Frenchmen flew for 9 minutes in a single formation with the French Air Force’s aerobatic team at an altitude of 1,200 m at a speed of 260 km / h. The commander of Patrouile de France, Christophe Dubois, did not hide his admiration:

“It’s a fantastic experience for us pilots to fly in the same ranks with these people.”

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