A pavement appeared in Las Vegas, which generates electricity from the steps of pedestrians


Las Vegas this time became famous not as the capital of gambling, but as the place for the debut of the startup EngoPlanet. Its essence is to create a street lighting system, which uses the kinetic and solar energy.

But if everything is clear with the solar panels, then another part of the energy is generated by installing special plates on the sidewalk, which transform the energy of pedestrian steps into electricity. Thus, the city receives absolutely free electricity, which goes not only to lighting, but also for powering Wi-Fi access points and even for recharging mobile devices.


According to the company, in the world there are more than 300 million street lights, the total cost of which exceeds $ 40 billion. A significant part of the electricity for them is generated by thermal power plants , which annually emit up to 100 million tons of CO 2 into the atmosphere . General Director of EngoPlanet Petar Mirovich so appreciated the importance of the company’s project:

“If you look closely at street lights, it’s easy to see that in the daytime they are absolutely useless. Our project gives the lamppost several useful features – the ability to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi and charge the mobile device. “

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