Novelty in the field of wearable technology – a sweatshirt with heated Evolve

Heated clothes Evolve

The company Venture Heat presented its novelty – the Evolve heated sweatshirt, connected to the power source through the USB connector. This kind of clothes is very popular, so the developers have found it necessary to add to it such a useful (especially in the cold season) function.

In the Evolve sweatshirt, a person gets rid of the need to wear extra clothes. Externally, the sweatshirt is no different from traditional clothes. However, under the fleece lining behind and in front are thermal panels that can be powered from an external 2-amp battery or other power source via the USB connector.

Flexible heating panels are fully adapted to clothing. They are isolated from each other by a “breathing” mesh, which contributes to internal heat exchange. The system operates in three temperature cycles: the lower one – from 35 to 41 ° C, the average – from 41 to 46 ° C and the upper one – from 46 to 52 ° C.

Heated clothes Evolve

For example, a power supply with a capacity of 10.4 mAh will ensure the operation of heating elements from 3.5 to 12 hours. Those who do not need additional heating, can use the USB connector to charge mobile devices.

The Evolve project is financed through the Indiegogo crowdsfinding platform. For 30 days he will collect 30,000 dollars. In the future, the sweatshirt will be produced in gray and black colors at a price of 89 dollars in size from XS to XXL.

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