How much does the hacked bank information cost?

Caution, you can be robbed

Annually hackers break into millions of bank accounts, inflicting damage, measured in billions of dollars. Having become a victim of an Internet bearer, it is difficult to imagine the size of possible losses. Everything will depend on the amount of money on the account and the information that the attacker has about him.

According to the confidential report of the security service of Intel, in the US on the black market, a stolen credit or debit card can be purchased for 5, and in Europe for 45 dollars. Banking details for entry are much more expensive. If, for example, the account is more than $ 2200, then information about it will cost about $ 200. For data on the account with 400-100 $ ask for about 40 $.

Specialists of the company McAfee Labs analyzed the process of pricing stolen bank cards and related information, which allowed them to establish a certain “value hierarchy” among this array of Internet criminals.

The main value for rogues is represented by the account number, expiration of the card’s validity period, and CVV2 code. Prices increase sharply when the information offered contains additional information, in particular, the identification number of the bank account, the victim’s date of birth, the billing address, the PIN number, the mother’s maiden name, the username and password used to access the account .

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