What modern robots-loggers are capable of: Ponsse H7

Ponsse harvester

The ancient profession of a woodcutter assumed the presence of man’s strength and skill. All these qualities, but only on a completely different level, are inherent in the automatic sawmill complex Ponsse H7 manufactured by the famous Finnish company Ponsse.

This state-of-the-art complex consistently performs several operations – gently cuts the tree, removes the bark and branches, and then converts the processed trunks into logs of a certain length, spending for all few seconds.

Ponsse harvester

Ponsse is an 8-wheeled “thunderstorm” of trees. It is equipped with a 6-cylinder Mercedes-Benz engine with a capacity of 286 horsepower, creating a torque of 1150 N / m. A unique patency is provided by 26.5-inch tires. Its main working mechanism is represented by an 11-meter hydraulic tap-arm, which has universal mobility.

Harvester Harvester

At its end is a multifunctional harvester-harvester, consisting of a built-in chainsaw capacity of 60 liters. from. easily cutting trees with a diameter of 65 cm. After the tree is sawn, the combine controls its position with a secure grip. Next, the feed rollers come in, sending the tree for further processing, the character of which is determined by the operator from the cabin.

In the cockpit of the complex

Productivity Ponsse – 15 meters of treated wood for 20 seconds. The whole process is controlled by the operator using the software package. In addition to technological operations, the complex provides wireless communication with the office to control the amount of wood to be processed. You can also control the work of the combine from a smartphone equipped with a special application.

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