MAX suitX – exoskeleton without motors for ordinary workers

suitX MAX

The approach of the Californian suitX company to the development of technology of robotic personal costumes differs radically from competitors. Earlier they released an affordable exoskeleton Phoenix for the disabled. Now suitX intrigues the MAX system, which does not have any engines at all.

MAX or Modular Agile Exoskeleton is a dubbing of the human musculoskeletal system, a conditional copy of bones and tendons that takes on a portion of the body weight and tools during operation. Everyone knows how exhausting routine, repetitive procedures are: squats, lifting and carrying medium weight, slopes. Exoskeleton compensates for some of the effects of gravity and reduces the fatigue of the owner.

suitX MAX

The MAX exoskeleton consists of three modules:

  • backX reduces the burden on the spine and lower back, simplifies weight lifting;
  • shoulderX facilitates the work of the shoulder girdle when it is required to raise arms above the chest and above the head;
  • legX supports the knee joint and protects the quadriceps femoris from excessive load.
suitX MAX

MAX suitX is deprived of motors, but each element of the suit is equipped with microcontrollers, with which the system determines the type of load, learns what the person is doing. And switches between active and passive modes – most of the time the exoskeleton hangs on the carrier dead, but not burdensome, entering into business only when it really is required. Therefore, its operation will be much cheaper than complex systems.

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