Korean scientists have created a robot that can fly a plane

PiBot during training

Researchers at the Institute of Science and Technology (Korea) have developed a robot PiBot, which can fully control the aircraft. Do not confuse it with the “heaped” autopilot. Unlike it, PiBot can start the engine, steer, take off, land and follow the navigation equipment.

One of the most important advantages of a robot pilot is that it does not require any changes in the aircraft control system. It is able to rotate the steering wheel, adjust the throttle, use pedals, switches and levers, as an ordinary pilot.

This is one of the advantages of PiBot in comparison with other technologies of autonomous control of aircraft, for which special aircraft are sometimes created or the existing ones are significantly altered.

At the moment, PiBot makes successful landings in 80% of cases. This is an outstanding result for the car, but still not enough for real flights. Therefore, the robot continues to train on the simulator.

Korean scientists hope to find a robot-pilot application in dangerous flights, thus completely replacing the “live” pilots.

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