Jurassic Park with “revived” dinosaurs to open in Tokyo


For some time many fans of the famous Hollywood blockbuster “Jurassic Park” cherish the hope to see everything in reality, of course, not without the help of modern technologies. The Japanese corporation ON-ART, headed by Kazuya Kanemaru, is going to provide such an opportunity in the form of an animated dinosaur park called Dino-A-Live.

In 4 years, when the park will be built, viewers to their pleasure or horror will be able to see full-sized dinosaur robots, fully corresponding in appearance and size to prehistoric fossil originals .


In the lobby of one of the Tokyo hotels, where a demo show is already taking place, you can meet with controlled robotic models of allosaur and tyrannosaur.

The nail of the program is a sudden exit from the fog on the stage of a 26-meter tyrannosaur stamping and growling at the crowd. During the show, the allosaur with an open mouth may suddenly burst into the room and chew a head of one of its participants slightly.

Dino-A-Live is not the first attempt to recreate the Jurassic Park. In 2013, Australian billionaire Clive Palmer presented his version of the show called Palmersaurus with the participation of 160 robotic monsters in Queensland. The size of the monsters ranged from 2 to 22 meters in length and up to 32 meters in height.

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