Japanese have learned to determine the mood of dogs


Inupathy – the name of the “clever” dog harness, the release of which is planned for the end of this year. Thanks to her, the owner will be able to know more about how his pet feels.

So the heart monitor can suppress unnecessary noise and scan the heart rhythm, thus tracking the reaction to food, games, people and toys. To replace the dog’s condition, the device responds by changing the color of the six LED lights. In particular, blue color corresponds to a calm state, red – to excitement and iridescent – to real canine happiness.

The idea of ​​creating Inupathy belongs to the biologist Georgi Yamaguchi, who was inspired by his puppy named Akane, who suffered from excessive nervousness. To understand the cause of the pet’s anxiety, Yamaguchi developed a device for controlling the pulse.

“I always felt that I could not really understand Akane and be closer to him,” says Yamaguchi. – Buddhism and the ancient religion of the Japanese claim that all living things on earth, animals, plants and even stones have a spirit. It’s hard to realize that you can not solve problems that prevent them from living normally. “

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