Infinity Puzzle – an endless puzzle created by NeuroNet

The Infinity Puzzle

Company Nervous System Studio has released a puzzle game that exploits such obscure terms for ordinary gamers, like tessellation and Klein’s bottle. This is an analogue of the Mobius band, only in three-dimensional space – a single, closed, infinite surface. This puzzle has no beginning and no end, only thousands of embodiments.

Built on purely mathematical principles, the Klein bottle model “fed” the neural network, which created its projection on a two-dimensional space and painted in strange colors. For some sort of semantic binding, they chose a picture of outer space, with specks of nebulae and sparkles of stars. It remains to paint the wooden blank and cut it with a laser.

The Infinity Puzzle

A single fragment of The Infinity Puzzle has a complex and bizarre shape, but it does not have a fixed place in the general scheme. Take a piece from one edge and shift it to any other – that’s how it’s played. Instead of assembling, repeating a certain patterned pattern, the player creates his own, unique landscape. There are no sides, corners, center, and the number of available combinations exceeds all free evenings throughout the centuries of leisure.

Another plus of the puzzle is that it can be combined with any other one of this series and, if you have extra details, you can lay out as many drawings as you want. Basic versions of The Infinity Puzzle with different patterns cost $ 50 a piece. Plus there is a special copy of the legendary images of the Hubble Space Telescope , but it will cost twice as much.

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