Honeybot robot will entertain children with augmented reality


Robot-educators feel more confident next to their “living” colleagues. An example is the interactive robot Honeybot Chinese company Hui Yu, in the process of teaching children from 3 to 8 years using augmented reality in 3D.

Thanks to special applications, the robot offers various 3D effects that activate the learning process. So, for example, the Aquarium appendix will tell about marine animals, turning children’s drawings into 3D animation depicting life in the ocean depths .


The Yolk World application works in a similar way, allowing children to play with 99 cards with images of dinosaurs, modern animals and vehicles that can be moved to a three-dimensional world. Another application teaches children to take care of Honeybot, as a pet that needs to be fed, bathed and laid to sleep.

If parents think that a child spends too much time talking to a robot, then there is a special mode that turns off Honeybot after 30 minutes of operation.


Another curious mode allows parents to communicate with children in a changed voice on behalf of Honeybot.

The robot is equipped with a 5-inch HD-display and connects to a home network via Wi-Fi. The robot’s brains are a 1.3 GHz 4-core processor, and 3-watt speakers are responsible for its voice.

To start mass production of robots, Hui Yu launched a project on Indiegogo with the goal of collecting 30,000 dollars. The very first customers Honeybot will be paid at a price of 229 to 259 dollars, depending on the modification.

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