Gearbest restarts the November sale


The online store Gearbest offers its customers a lot of modern gadgets and accessories to them. Here you can find not only interesting goods, but also favorable prices. Especially Gearbest constantly holds shares and provides discounts on various positions. For example, now in the online store is a sale , which will purchase the desired gadget with a tangible discount.

Xiaomi Mi5

For example, the latest model from Xiaomi – smartphone Xiaomi Mi5 – became a record holder even before its release. Those who want to buy it on pre-order counted over seventeen million people! Still, because the gadget is able to compete with the world leaders – the iPhone 6S and Samsung Galaxy S7. And at a price it is much lower, and the quality is quite promising – Xiaomi has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of high-quality electronics.

Find out the price of Xiaomi Mi5 at a discount.
Another lot in the sale was a tablet Ghuwi Hi10 Pro. The gadget has two operating systems – Windows and Remix 2.0. The design is updated due to the metal casing, which also allows to distribute heat evenly when heated.

Ghuwi Hi10 Pro

Find out the price of the Ghuwi Hi10 Pro at a discount
In addition to technical improvements, Ghuwi Hi10 Pro has a removable keyboard and stylus, which is useful both for work and for creativity.

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