Full-size prototype of the Chinese overground bus passed the first test


In May, we already wrote about the intriguing Chinese innovation: the concept of a bus that travels over the rest of the traffic. Contrary to skeptics, after only two months, a full-size test prototype of a giant bus appeared on the streets of Qinhuangdao.

On August 2, road tests of a full-scale bus model of the future, developed by the Beijing company Transit Explore Bus (TEB), were carried out on a street in Qinhuangdao, China’s Hebei Province. A feature of this vehicle is the raising of the passenger compartment so high that cars can pass freely under it.


The electric vehicle TEB-1 covers two lanes, but does not interfere with the movement of cars freely passing under it. The estimated speed is 60 km / h with an experimental capacity of 300 people. In the final version, it is planned to reach a capacity of 1400 passengers.


The governmental organizations of India, France, Indonesia and Brazil have already expressed interest in this development. The use of such vehicles in megacities will not only solve the problem of transporting a large number of passengers, but also significantly reduce air pollution.

However, despite all the elegance and simplicity of the idea of ​​an overhead bus, some experts believe that this is just an expensive toy, and the authorities will never allow its operation on public roads .

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