Electric vehicles and hybrids will make more noise when driving

The electric car should make noise

Recently it was found out that the low noise level of electric cars carries a certain danger for pedestrians who may simply not hear the sounds of the approaching car and not react to it.

In view of this, the administration of the US National Department of Road Safety has developed a safety standard for hybrid and electric vehicles, which in accordance with it will have to generate a soundtrack during the movement.

The standards apply to all hybrid and electric light vehicles (up to 4,500 kg) while driving at speeds of up to 30 km / h. At a higher speed, it is considered that the noise of wind and wheels will be enough to allow pedestrians and cyclists to hear it.

Starting September 1, 2018, at least half of the hybrid and electric vehicles must be equipped with such systems.

The new rules were a continuation of the “Law on improving pedestrian safety” from 2010. It took several years to develop the rules, which resulted in the creation of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard No. 141, which, according to the representatives of the department, would help to avoid injuries to thousands of pedestrians. Similar standards are also developed by the European Commission and the United Nations.

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