Doorphones and gates will be able to acquire a special smart lock

Monkey chip

“Smart” houses are becoming smarter. In a short time, a smart lock for the doorphone or external gates of private houses will be added to the remotely controlled thermostats and lighting systems.

A young company from Munich Locumi Labs has developed a “smart” addition to a doorphone for apartment buildings, which the developers called Monkey. Its dimensions are 50 x 50 x 9 mm. You can connect the device to any intercom.

Connecting Monkey chip

The connection itself is very simple and, as the authors say, is available to everyone. Enough to connect the power and find a Wi-Fi network. After that, users will be able to open the entrance doors or gates from their smartphone. To work with the Monkey chip, you need to download a special application that is compatible with iOS and Android.

Thanks to the application, users have the ability to control the external door or gate of a private house, being, anywhere. In case of arrival of visitors or delivery of cargo, a time window mode is provided. At any time, the program can be changed without changing the locks and keys.

The device is positioned as a “Smart Entry”. This means that along with a high-tech lock, you can still use the old good keys.

“Monkey chip” can be ordered at Kickstarter for $ 56.86. The beginning of sales is expected in the summer of 2016 .

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