The conceptual electromobile Volkswagen will receive navigation with augmented reality

Navigation of the future VW

A few months ago at the auto show in Paris, the German brand presented a prototype of an electric ID car literally stuffed with advanced technologies. Some of them – a tribute to the fashion for fantastic devices, but the innovative navigation system, as it turned out, got a real start in life.

Augmented reality according to Volkswagen version is a dynamic projection of images on the road relief, at a distance of 15-20 m in the direction of the car. The picture is designed so that it is realistic to fit into the real landscape, not look like an alien element. One of the most important options for an electric car will be displayed there – battery power .

Volkswagen ID

According to Klaus Bischof, the head of the team of designers of Volkswagen, work on a prospective system of augmented reality is moving very hard, but it is coming. By 2020, when the prototype grows to a serial electric vehicle, it will be completely ready for mass use. If this is true, the brand will become a pioneer in this direction – so far there are only experimental systems.

After the scandal with the machinations of data on emissions of diesel engines, the Volkswagen brand desperately needs a new, diametrically opposite direction of development. Completely electric, packed with advanced solutions car – almost the last chance for the company to stay on the market. Therefore, work on augmented reality for vehicles is at its peak .

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