Budget smartphones from GearBest are not spying on users

UMI Diamond

In the US and Asian markets of inexpensive gadgets with a price tag of up to $ 99 a spiral of a new spy scandal is being spun. At least 120,000 copies of smartphones produced by Huawei and ZTE were infected with a utility that monitored user activity. Data every 72 hours in the background sent to China – the customer of the scam is now clear.

Spyware is developed by Adups and, theoretically, can be installed already on 700 million devices around the world. In this connection, bona fide retailers, including the online store GearBest, conduct extraordinary product reviews. The UMi Diamond 4G Smartphone participating in the actual sale with discounts is already beyond suspicion.

Buy UMi Diamond for $ 99
UMi Diamond 4G is a smartphone for the unpretentious urban dweller, a workhorse for everyday tasks. For $ 99.9 you get a chip Octa Core 1.5GHz, 3 GB of RAM, 16 to 128 GB of memory optional, 8-megapixel camera and full support for wireless communications. The current option for the domestic market is the availability of the GLONASS module. In the sale of smart phones only in black cases, the validity period of discounts, alas, is limited.

UMI Diamond

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