American artist turned Russian fighters into fantastic monsters

Drawings by Alice Broederer

Human fantasy truly knows no bounds. This is what comes to mind when you look at the drawings of Alice Broederer, a famous American artist. In her imagination, military equipment – modern and from the distant past – is associated with mysterious, fantastic monsters from cartoons.


So the pride of our Russian aircraft MiG-23, Su-33, Su-34 and the promising Berkut-Su-47 with a reverse sweep somewhat resemble predatory prehistoric pterodactyls with clawed legs instead of chassis.


A glorious Il-2 attack plane appears before us in a dancing winged dragon. Did not pass Alice and our tanks. The pre-war five-tower T-35 is associated with a six-fingered bronzosaur, instead of the heads of which heavy guns “flaunt”.


In this fantastic picture gallery, there was a place for American, British and German tanks, planes and submarines with an equally eerie appearance. And yet it is worth giving it its due: before us is a masterful performance and an irresistible flight of fantasy.

Alice Broederer

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